Maestro Stefano Sciascia

AIJYOU by STEFANO SCIASCIA at LIVE Concert in Trieste Tartini Consavatory

I always have affection to doublebass play, but, many masters suggest my way is wrong for play.. When I disappointed to this fact (That I can't read music score and I won't because music is music which can communicate through not paper but sounds, and be in comfort myself by these wonderful key melodies. which always not perfect in details but mainly it caused all art sense through "Important phrase" in it. )
Then Maestro Stefano Sciascia appeared and he tell me the essense of Music, mind, and silence as important factor in music..

I dedicate my original composition for him and it's simple and can play by whistle class.

but I believe this simple notes will heal people in all world. because it's essense of music.

and at last !! Maestro plays at front of Italian Audience in Tartini Consavatorio in Trieste Italy.

I lost words that he select such of my composition for his precious program of concert in the city of ART and country of Art ITALIA.

Thank You so much dearest Maestro to remember me after 10 years when I composed it.
by sej_utsumi | 2015-03-15 20:22 | MUSIC
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