It's story

After my father left Hospital and live in Nagata guest house, He used to said to me to back to his house in Hibarigaoka where we live. My father and Mother ordered Taxi to go to Hibari, and I go alone to there by Bus ad Train and Bus, He also wished to DRIVE his car, and we said to Not to drive it. But He did.. for buy foods... We cometogether at Hibari this evening and we had dinner together..

Here follows, I took those at Hibari today




I recieved just now an e-mail from Maestro Stefano Sciascia that He knew Mig san arrived at Verona by his call to Clara san in Trieste and He will arrive at Trieste on 4th.
He is fine !!

Thank you maestro !!
by sej_utsumi | 2006-09-02 19:13 | Dialy
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