There are smiles

Music, It's always brightened up their life and future,
In case of J.S.Bach, the plus-ultra musician in the world was born 300more years ago written some music for his sweetest heart some beautiful melodies to make her smiles and to make her confort.

At Studio J

the place as my room, where I invited friends to make smiles by Music, and since now, There are al least hundreds of friends came and enjoy the MUSIC. includes real professionals includes Maestro Stefano Sciascia(prof. Tartini Conservatorio), Maestro Masanori Ichikawa(NHK phil.) etc..

from 10 years old girl to 70 years old man as my Friend visited..

NOT publish opened, Because this Studio J is as my private room.



by sej_utsumi | 2008-12-21 13:34 | Dialy
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